A King? I Think Not

I’m sorry LeBron, don’t you dare call yourself the “Chosen One”, or “King James” ever again.

The “Chosen One” has people follow them.

The “King” has people wanting to come be on their court, not vice versa.

What you are LeBron, is a coward. Plain and simple.

Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett gave it years and years of effort to win a title. They finally came to the realization that they alone simply weren’t good enough to carry a team to a championship. To get a ring, they knew they had to join forces. However, they didn’t join forces until after they gave it their very best shot, until they knew they couldn’t do it alone.

LeBron, you’re 25 years old and already throwing in the towel. You are a coward, plain and simple. You are extremely afraid of failure. Period. Bottom line.

Michael Jordan once said that for as many game winners as he hit, he missed that many more. Why? Because he wasn’t afraid of failure.

LeBron James, you are. You’re a coward. You’re afraid that you just may not have what it takes to lead a team, a franchise, and a city, to a world championship. You’re afraid you’re not Kobe. It’s the only thing to justify what you’re doing.

Most true competitors want to beat the best, until they realize they simply can’t. You’re 25 and you’ve already come to that realization? No, you’re afraid you might come to it later, and that fear of failure scares you.

Michael Jordan and Kobe don’t doubt themselves. That’s what separates them from you. They win. Why? Because they can’t live with themselves if they lose. They also can’t live with themselves having to rely on others to help them win.

So quit calling yourself “King”, or “The Chosen One”. Maybe you’ll get you some rings in Miami, but you won’t get more than Kobe. You won’t get more than M.J. You cried for help, because you were afraid of not ever winning a title. You obviously doubt your ability to deliver when it matters most. Need we watch the 2nd round from just the past year again to understand that?

You’re an unbelievably talented basketball player, perhaps the most talented pure basketball player any of us has ever seen. However, you don’t have what Jordan and Kobe had/have. You don’t have a killer instinct, you don’t have that drive to be the absolute best by simpling beating the best. You don’t possess that. You aren’t the greatest ever, and you never will be.

People are going to spin this that you’re going to Miami to win a championship. No, not hardly. You’re going to Miami to play it safe. You’re going to Miami so you don’t go down as the most talented player to never win a ring. And why? Because that thought scares you. You were praised to no end since you were about 11 years old, so you can’t handle not living up to it. As a result, you take the safe way out. You rely on others. Good for you. That’s fine. There’s really nothing wrong with that. But to continue to consider yourself as “King”, or “The Chosen One”, get a hold of yourself. You’re nowhere close, and now, you never will be.


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