Athletes Are People Too

Confidence. Such a fickle thing it is.

It’s there one minute, and totally gone the next. Only the truly elite, the truly great experience pure and supreme confidence.

Artificial confidence does more to undo people than just about anything else. We undo ourselves, and we undo innocent people who don’t know any better.

Athletes need to be told how good they are. I know, it sounds crazy, but lets not forget they are people too.

We all like to be rewarded, we all like to be told the job we are doing is a good job. Why are athletse any different. So what, if being told they are “doing their job” requires million dollar paychecks, it is the same thing.

They want to feel wanted, needed, and appreciated. So if someone who does their job at a level below the level that they themselves can achieve, and yet recieve more money, of COURSE they are going to want to be compensated appropriately. Everyone in the world does. You want to be paid market price for a service you can provide.

If you can provide a service few others can, then your price skyrockets, period.

I speak on this because I know. An artificial confidence that one builds for themselves only lasts so long. At some point the weakness in the armor is exposed.

People need to not only think that they ARE doing good, they need to KNOW that others thinks they are doing good too.

Artificial confidence, or swagger, or arrogance, or whatever you want to call it, runs rampant. The problem is deciding when it’s warranted arrogance, and when it is put on.

Myself, I struggle with that constantly. Even when I feel confident, I wonder if Im really feeling confident, or if I have just convinced myself to be confident for the day.

Everyone wants to be accepted, to be loved, to be adored, to be appreciated, and to be wanted, and the moment that starts to slip away, we’ll grasp at anything that halts the process. Why do we think athletes should be different?


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