Games Like Today…

…Make you wonder why you put up with this.

The excitement felt for this team matched any team since 1991, and the crowd at the Ted today reflected that. It did seem that those years of no post season baseball helped erase the apathy that had come from this town in playoff games. Also, having home games that weren’t daytime midweek games didn’t hurt. But this was such a different feel surrounding this team. We’re all resigned that this team, right now, really isn’t very good. And yet, here they were with a chance to, at home, take a 2-1 series lead and be one game away from playing for the pennant.

The offense, predictably, did what it’s been doing, or not doing. It looked bleak, we were all resigned that this was coming to an end. We knew it. It was watching the same story repeat itself in the post season for our Braves.

Then they did what, predictably, they’ve been doing all year. They got up off the deck. They rallied. They again it appeared, had snatched victory from defeat. Suddenly we began thinking that perhaps this wasn’t the same story. That even as over matched as this team is, their might be something to that “fate”, and “destiny” crap. It was okay to believe.

And then…………………….

You know, you can only lose so many all-stars and keep winning. You can’t keep winning in the regular season, let alone the playoffs if all your best players are on the bench.

Finally, the lack of Chipper, Prado and Wagner caught up with us. People were in positions that they ordinarily wouldn’t have been in, and it caught up with us. We lost this game because we just aren’t that good. Our best players can’t play. There’s a reason they were starters. There’s a reason they were all-stars. And there’s a reason Brooks Conrad is a 30 year old rookie. There is a reason Craig Kimbrel hasn’t been asked to close just yet. Those reasons beat us today.

And now all hope does indeed look lost. The fact is we just aren’t very good. Sure, wait till next year. But of those guys we’re missing, there’s a chance that only one of them is in our lineup next season. So this feels empty. Very empty. These guys, including Brooks Conrad are all so easy to pull for. Rooting for this team feels right, it feels good. We want them to win more than we’ve probably wanted any single team to ever win. These guys have been ridiculous to watch, and now we’re probably done watching them. Their shot is done. This is the 2nd most heart breaking baseball loss I ever have experienced, and not even a win tomorrow will fix that.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we pull ourselves back up tomorrow. I think Bochy is doing us a favor throwing Bumgardner. Throw Lincecum while you’ve got us down, end the series now. Don’t not use your big dog right here. I understand how well he’s pitched down the stretch, BUT, do you really want to run the risk of a Game 5? Do you want to run the risk that perhaps we get our bats going a bit and build some confidence for a possible game 5? Don’t you want to have Lincecum available as early as possible in the Phillies series?


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