Daniel Snyder, There Are No Words

Daniel Snyder, you were the guy in high school who always went too far trying to impress your classmates, weren’t you? You’re the one who probably killed off most dates within the first 20 minutes with too fluff and not enough substance, and acts that reeked of desperation, weren’t you?

If so, it’s not a surprise. It’s how you run your NFL team.

Did you really just guarantee Donovan McNabb $40 million? Wow. The same Donovan McNabb that Andy Reid thought Kevin Kolb was an upgrade over? Kolb, mind you, still isn’t the starter in Philadelphia. The same Donovan McNabb who was benched in crunch time for, well, we aren’t really sure what for? Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan spit out about eight different explanations for why his teams starting quarterback was yanked with the game on the line.

In less than a year and a half Daniel Snyder has handed out $213 million in contracts for Albert Hanynesworth (7 years/$100 million, $41 million guaranteed), Mike Shanahan (5 years/$35 million), and now Donovan McNabb (5 years/$78 million, $40 million guaranteed). Yes, that’s right, three people, $213 million in contracts.

And for what?

We know what Albert Haynesworth is, or, well, what he thinks he isn’t. He thinks he’s not a 3-4 defensive tackle. He also isn’t someone who is willing to showing up for OTAs during the offseason, and who seems to have a difficult time getting in shape and actually playing hard every play (those of which he’s actually on the field for).

A coach who has won ONE career playoff game with anybody not named John Elway under center? A coach who coached 11 seasons without John Elway, and won 10 or more games just four times? A guy who went .500 with no playoff appearances in his last three years in Denver? That’s what you wanted to spend $7 million a year on?

And now to top it all off you sign a 33 year old quarterback to a five year contract worth almost $80 million. Say what?

Mr. Snyder, you do realize that Donovan McNabb will be 38 when this contract is up. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but over the last few years McNabb has become less accurate and more turnover prone, while offering less and less of a threat as a runner. I guess he’s going to find the fountain of youth while in Washington though, correct?

Not only that, your $35 million coach obviously has some issues with McNabb, be it with his work ethic, his playbook knowledge, or his physical shape, or all of the above. And now you’re going to have each of them hitch their wagon to each other, and you’re going to hitch your franchise to THAT wagon?

Perhaps it makes perfect sense that this deal was announced on Monday night just before playing a relatively big game against the Philadelphia Eagles on national television.

It was on national television where everything that is wrong with Daniel Snyder’s irresponsible spending was spotlighted.

On one play, Albert Haynesworth literally just laid down on the field, completely giving up on the play. Apparently he was just tired of chasing Michael Vick all over the building.

On the other side of the ball you had Donovan McNabb throwing three interceptions, one of which came back for a touchdown.

And of course you have the fact that the Eagles set an NFL record by holding a 28-0 lead….at the end of the first quarter….on the road. That sort of thing only happens when a team isn’t prepared, and isn’t motivated. That sort of thing only happens to teams like this years Dallas Cowboys. And this is the guy Snyder thinks will lead the Redskins to the promised land?

Snyder can probably overcome the Shanahan fiasco whenever he wishes, he’s got the money to have no problems eating that money doled out to Shanahan. He can also, if the time arises, cut ties with the likes of Haynesworth and McNabb and be on the hook financially just for the guaranteed portion (which still is in excess of $80 million). The problem is the crippling effect it can have on the salary cap for the Redskins.

There’s also this little issue of the CBA expiring and a new deal having to be put in place in the near future as well that could really make these contracts look exceptionally bad, and become exceptionally burdensome.

The once proud Washington Redskins are quickly going the route of the Oakland Raiders of the last decade. Unfortunately for them, Daniel Snyder is still young enough to keep running this team into the ground for many decades to come.


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  1. *edit*

    New details about the contract have surfaced, and the deal suddenly isn’t as robust as initially made out to be.

    The question now is, why is it reported in the manner in which it was? I understand agents desire to make things look a lot better than they are, but didn’t the McNabb camp realize the backlash that would come from announcing such a preposterous deal?

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