Missing Davey Allison

So it’s late at night, I’m pulling out old NASCAR race tapes. First was the 1992 Pepsi 400. For those that don’t know, it was Richard Petty’s last race at Daytona, and he led the first five laps.

But I also pulled out my tape of the 1993 Diehard 500, at Talladega. For those that don’t know, it’s the race two weeks after Davey Allison died.

Davey was the youngest member of the famed Alabama Gang, he was the last patriarch, he was the one to carry the Allison name on.

And dammit, he was going to carry it on. The man could drive. And he could drive well. Unfortunately, we never saw Davey reach his full potential, nobody did.

While flying home to watch a family friend run some test laps at Talladega, a family friend of the beloved Alabama Gang (a group of NASCAR drivers from Alabama who experienced great success in NASCAR), Davey Allison failed to properly land his helicopter in the Talladega infield.

The result was tragic.

Davey didn’t survive the injuries suffered in that crash. The sport of NASCAR was robbed of one of its greatest talents. A young star in the making never got to make his full mark.

The Allison story is one of many in NASCAR lore, of a young talent taken way too soon. It’s also a story sports fans need not forget. For if Davey hadn’t been taken so young, where would Jeff Gordon be? Which means where would Jimmie Johnson be?

Davey Allison was a great talent. A talent we never got to see reach its full potential. Let’s not forget that.

I don’t care who ever drives the 28 car again, or drives a Texaco Havoline car, the 28 car will be, and will always be, Davey’s.


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