Titans/Colts, Ride the Baby Horse

The Indianapolis Colts are in a world of hurt. Their defense can’t stop much of anyone, especially their run defense, and their offense is a collection of guys who should be doing nothing but covering kickoffs and punts.

Their do everything, all-time great quarterback Peyton Manning is forcing things and in turn playing perhaps the worst football since his rookie year in 1998.

The Colts are teetering on the brink of missing the playoffs for the first time since 2001, and are likely looking at their first single digit win season since that year as well.

They are taking the 6th worst rush defense in the NFL on the road to play against one of the games best running backs. A loss tonight and the division title and playoff dreams of the Colts are pretty much crushed.

It’s a dire situation.

And it’s the type of situation a Peyton Manning has to steup and deliver, It’s the type of situation Peyton Manning will step up and deliver.

Granted, I’m not sure I believe this so much because I believe in Manning and the Colts right now, but rather I’m not at all believing in these Titans.

These Titans don’t look anything like a Jeff Fisher team. Yes, there are problems at the quarterback position, but they’ve overcome that before.

Jeff Fisher led Titans teams are known for being tough, physical, and playing hard. These guys appeared to have already checked out for the year.

I’m not talking about just the players either. How else do you explain a team sitting at 5-5, in contention for a division title suddenly, and inexplicably handing the ball of to their best player, and arguably one of the best running backs in all of the NFL just 20 times over two games? The coaches have mailed it in too.

This isn’t that surprising though, considering how frustrated Jeff Fisher has arguably become with the Vince Young situation, and how it seems less and less that owner Bud Adams is staunchly in his corner when it comes to dealing with the troubled but talented quarterback.

Playing one of the worst defensive teams of the past 20 years two weeks ago against the Houston Texans, Chris Johnson had 7 carries. Yes, seven, that’s it. It was a game the Titans lost 20-0.

Another dispirited effort followed last week against Jacksonville. Tennessee has lost five straight, and has turned the ball over ten times in their last four games.

Yeah, not what you expect from Jeff Fisher teams.

So the Colts playoffs may get a stay of execution thanks to their opponent this week, but it’s not because I believe in the Colts, I just don’t believe in the Titans.


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