Where Did That Come From?

So what do the Atlanta Braves do now? It seemed as though the team was in prime position next year to make a real run at the National League East title.

Then this.

If you want to talk about a bombshell, or a stab straight through the heart, this is it.

Cliff Lee is a Phillie. The Philadelphia Phillies now have a rotation that arguably is as good, or better, than any the Atlanta Braves have ever trotted out. And that’s saying something.

Teams with pitching like that win division titles, and usually win them with two or three weeks left in the season. Teams like that win 90 games. Actually, a team like this could win 110 games.

Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels could very well be worth 70 wins from those four alone next year. You don’t think the Phillies can scrounge up 30 or so from their 5th starter and bullpen?

This division race may be over before it even starts.

So now what can the Braves do to counter?

For starters, we can hope they draw the Giants in the opening round next year.


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