Things That Died in the 2011 NFL Playoffs

Matt Ryan’s sense of invincibility at home

The Atlanta sports fan renewed hope that this could really be the year, or that any year could be the year

That home field advantage really means too much of anything

The myth that this Ravens defense is still a top flight and intimidating unit

Tom Brady’s playoff aura, perhaps it’s time we start recognizing Ben Roethlisberger’s

Jay Cutler’s respect league wide, however much he had

Prevailing thought that Mark Sanchez was holding the Jets back

Any belief that Jim Caldwell has any business being a head coach

Any notion that Mike Tomlin just rode the coat tails of Bill Cowher built teams to success

The notion that the loss of Brett Favre would cripple the Packers or Jets.

Rex Ryan’s fetishes with feet, he probably can’t be enjoying the taste of his in his mouth, or the feeling of the Steelers foot in his ass

Jay Cutler’s life of free drinks in downtown Chicago



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