My Bucket List

So, I’m not sure exactly what the inspiration for this was, but I figured it was time to put a bucket list down on paper. I’m going to include things that I can actually already check off, just so it doesn’t make me feel like my life has been empty and completely void of anything fun. You can probably gather it’s sort of categorized.

Daytona 500

Go to Indianapolis Motor Speedway

See a night race at Bristol

See a Formula One race

Do the Petty driving experience

NFL playoff game

Do a Falcons road game

Go to a Super Bowl

Attend a college football bowl game

SEC championship game

Tech/UGA game

Go to a Tech road game

NCAA Men’s basketball tournament game

ACC Men’s basketball tournament

MLB playoff game

World Series game

Go to Wrigley Field

Baseball hall of fame

Attend a golf major tournament

Step foot on Augusta national

See a World Cup game in person

Attend an Olympic sporting event

Washington D.C.

New York

Disney World

Road trip to California




See Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

See Les Miserables on Broadway

See the Australian Pink Floyd cover band live

See an ocean besides the Atlantic

Las Vegas

See one of the Great Lakes

Eat at a restaurant owned by a Food Network Star, preferably at a time when they are cooking there, ha ha

Obtain a Plymoth Superbird

Break 80 on a golf course

Invent something that people find useful

Save a life

Leave an indelible mark on someone’s life that not only can they not forget, they don’t want to forget


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