Gumby’s Gibberish, Random Thoughts

So I’ve thought about doing something along the lines of a weekly, or twice weekly, random thoughts type post. There are so many things I often want to touch on without being able to put forth something long enough or in depth enough to be full blog worthy, but worth touching on, maybe to be touched on in more detail later. I’m still working on a name for it, but this is how it starts, any ideas would be appreciated.


  • I was going to pull for Jeff Gordon this year, mainly because I want him to get to five titles and match Jimmie Johnson. Then I watched the 1997 Daytona 500 again, yeah, no go on that one. It reminded me why I didn’t like him in the first place.
  • Speaking of Jeff Gordon, if you want to know why he’s not been winning as many races lately, and hasn’t won a title in 10 years, look no further than hard hits at places like Pocono, Charlotte, and Las Vegas in recent years. It’s happened to many of the greats, they’ve had that hard lick that makes them reconsider the once daring, death defying maneuvers that helped separate them from the pack. Those moves Gordon made to win at Daytona in ’97 and ’99, do you think he’d make them today? Nah, too many hard hits, and children, make you reconsider.
  • Wow, Jerry Sloan out as coach of the Utah Jazz and Jeff Fisher out as coach of the Tennessee Titans in the past week is a little bit crazy. They were the two longest tenured coaches in each of their respective leagues. Sloan I expect to retire, but Fisher, he’ll coach somewhere, and soon.
  • Yes, I pulled for Green Bay. It took the game’s first touchdown for me to decide, but when they scored, I cheered, and that was enough to know I ultimately wanted them to win. Truly, I just wanted a great game, and was scared we were going to get a doozy. I’m glad Pittsburgh came back, but man if they weren’t their own worst enemy.
  • I don’t like Duke. I will never like Duke, at all. But Nolan Smith is a helluva basketball player. But could you imagine this team with Kyrie Irving?
  • Seriously, seriously Michigan State? Did you see the drubbing put on them by Wisconsin? I’ve never seen a Tom Izzo team look this bad. It’s almost like the team has just unraveled after some disciplinary action taken by the coach on Korie Lucious.
  • The Atlanta Hawks are still a pretender. They probably always will be. This core is not going to win anything. Good teams rarely get down by 30 points, at all. The Hawks have done so more than a few times this year. Good teams NEVER do it at home, the Hawks have been plastered THREE times at home this year, and by the Bucks, Hornets and Sixers no less. There’s something wrong with that picture.
  • The ten year anniversary, if you want to use that word, of Dale Earnhardt’s death is coming up. Expect a lot to be said about that, including by me.
  • One, the owners, the billionaire owners, want the millionaire (some of them anyway) players to take a significant pay cut while also upping the number of games they are going to play? Right, get paid less, but work more. That makes sense. Give me a break.
  • I don’t care whose side you are on, but don’t be so short sighted to say things like, “I don’t care about a bunch of greedy millionaires, if they don’t play, so be it”. Well, care about the thousands of people who depend on the NFL for jobs. You know, the television and radio guys, the concession people, parking people, police, vendors, etc….It’s a rough enough economy, let’s not make these people jobless too.
  • I’m a lot more excited about the three point contest than I am the dunk contest, that’s for sure.
  • Oh yeah, cars go in circles Saturday night at Daytona. I CANNOT wait.

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