Crossroads Draft For Falcons

We all salivate at the thought of lining up A.J. Green or Juilo Jones opposite of Roddy White and giving our offense the explosive big play receiver it lacks. The notion of an elite talent on the opposite side of the field preventing enabling Roddy White to feast on one on one coverage is tantalizing, at the very least.

But ultimately, it’s probably not smart.

Thomas Dmitroff is a smart man. He learned well in New England. And if he applied what he learned in New England, he won’t be moving up in this draft to nab one of the incoming stars at wide receiver.

There is a reason teams like the Eagles, Steelers, and his former team, the Patriots,  are contenders each and every year. It’s because they don’t make moves like this.

They acquire depth through multiple draft picks, they trust their scouting and development to find quality AND quantity in the latter rounds of the draft with which to build their team.

Attempting big splashes for quick fixes is rarely the mode of attack for such successful franchises. Mortgaging picks in this year’s draft, or future drafts, isn’t the smart decision.

Trusting you can find a speedy, talented wide receiver later in the draft and develop him into a great complimentary player is the way to go.

John Abraham isn’t young, Tony Gonzalez sure isn’t young, and Michael Turner can’t have that many years left. Some of the teams marquee players are aging, having replacements in line ready to step in for them in the next couple of years is far more vital to the long term success of this organization.

And ultimately, isn’t that the goal? Be the standard by which other organizations are measured? To enter every year thinking there is a legitimate chance to win the Super Bowl?

So as rumors circulate that Atlanta may be pondering putting together a package to move up to nab one of the elite wideouts, just keep this in mind. Putting A.J. Green at wide receiver may very well be enough to make us a strong favorite to win next year, and may deliver that coveted Lombardi trophy to Atlanta.

However, it may come at the expense of staying at the top of the sport for an elongated period of time.


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