It’s Not Wrong to be Happy Lebron James Lost

Lebron James is still not an NBA champion. And that my friends is quite possibly a very good thing. As he is right now, Lebron James is denying us the chance to watch the most talented athlete on the planet shine, and do what he does best.

Michael Jordan was humbled in high school, cut from his team, and forced to work hard to overcome the adversity and ascend to the peak of his passion.

Kobe Bryant started all of about eight games in his first two years in the NBA, riding the bench, observing as much as contributing. He had to prove himself and deserve his spot on the floor.

Lebron James has had absolutely everything handed to him. Realizing that perhaps an NBA title will not be simply handed to him, no matter how sexy and glamorous his team is, or which superstars he teams up with will motivate James to do what it takes to be a champion.

Whether that’s work on his post game, grow up and achieve some mental toughness, or learn to keep his mouth shut, or perhaps all of the above and then some, perhaps James can use this as motivation to improve in those areas.

Perhaps then James can quit robbing basketball fans of the treat of watching what should be absolute greatness. Instead of the greatest player in the world being great, we were treated to the games greatest player not even being one of the five best players in the entire series.

So yes, Lebron James did not win an NBA title, and ultimately, everyone might be the better for it.

If this experience humbles James like it has the potential to, the chastising and derision of James may all eventually work out in his favor, and his losing was still enjoyed by those eager to take their shots at a man who has done plenty to earn them.

Perhaps no sports star has ever been the subject of such scrutiny, and in some cases such scathing criticism as Lebron James has. Then again, perhaps no sports star has done more to deserve it.

Whether it’s on the court transgressions, bad PR decisions, mindless comments, or just coming off as an arrogant jerk, the reasons to dislike James spread far and wide.

No, he’s not getting himself arrested, he’s not committing felonies, but he is seemingly on a mission to be as disliked as possible.

When one man proclaims himself as “King”, and has a tattoo saying “Chosen1” across his broad shoulders, you expect those broad shoulders to carry a heavy burden. When they don’t, it comes across as shameless self promotion, an over-sized ego, and a ridiculously inflated sense of self.

All three describe James perfectly.

He couldn’t win a title in Cleveland because Mike Brown couldn’t coach and Danny Ferry couldn’t put the proper supporting cast around him.

Well in Miami, he didn’t have Mike Brown to blame, and his supporting cast consisted of two players on the US Olympic team. He still couldn’t win a title.

So who do you blame now Lebron? You want to go tell Pat Riley he didn’t give you a good enough supporting cast? Why don’t you treat Bosh and Wade like you did Moe Williams and Antwan Jamison, making it so very clear that you don’t wish to be playing along side such inferior talents, enabling them to prohibit you from winning a championship. It obviously isn’t your fault that you failed again to win a title.

We of course know it’s not James’ fault. We know this because according to James’ on court behavior, he’s never missed a shot or committed a turnover without being fouled, and he’s never committed a foul himself.

So this latest failure can’t be Lebron James’ fault. There must be many others to heap the blame on. We surely can’t attribute this loss to the fact that supposedly the world’s greatest basketball player, who is said to have the potential to be the greatest of all-time, was nowhere to be found in crucial fourth quarters of close games.

So where does the blame go?

But of course, the blame goes to God, at least per James’ own comments. It’s God’s fault, because He didn’t want him to win a title this year, that’s what it was. More on that in a minute, but clearly, another example of Lebron James finding another excuse for why he didn’t succeed.

It’s one thing to go struggle, to have shots not falling, to have a bad night. It’s another to hide in a corner, almost like the poor little league kid in right field praying the ball isn’t hit to him.

James would have you believe that he’s not there to be a scorer. The best player in the world should be putting the ball in the basket, period. James argues that he’s a two way player, which he is, and a phenomenal one at that, and that you can’t just look at stats, you have to look at the other things he does on the floor, and what the end result is.

Well, the end result is the Heat blew a 2-1 lead over the Mavericks, including multiple large fourth quarter leads. So sure, we can look at things beyond the box score, like, you know, the final score. The final score makes it quite clear Lebron James didn’t do enough to help his team win.

The plus/minus rating is nowhere close to the most reliable stat in the world, however, when it’s as extreme as -24 for supposedly the most gifted basektball player in the world, that’s worth noting. The Heat outscored the Mavericks by 14 points without James on the floor, but were outscored by 24 when he was out there.

So clearly James was doing a lot of other things that don’t show up in the box score contributing to his teams success and ultimate NBA championship, right? You know, like getting torched by Jason Terry, a guy who’s never been to an All-Star game .

Had he continued to shut down Terry as he had early on in the series his offensive woes, or unwillingness to shoot the basketball wouldn’t have been focused on quite as much.

However, Terry, at a huge size disadvantage, and very little advantage anywhere from a physical aspect, scorched the nets in the second half of game five, and the first half of game six. When Terry boastfully stated that he didn’t think James could guard him for seven games, it was thought Terry was speaking out of place, and such words would only further motivate James to play stifling defense.

It turns out the opposite took place. It lit a fire under Terry and seemingly squelched any remaining fire James had. As Deshawn Stevenson said after game four, it was if James simply “checked out”.

In light of his almost complete lack of scoring in the 4th quarter, and absolute lack of clutch scoring, James said “The ball doesn’t go in every time”. And he’s right. But he seems to ignore the fact that the ball will absolutely not go in if you aren’t willing to shoot it.

Then again, such mindless comments from Lebron James that seem to make absolutely no sense seem to be the norm.

Last year on twitter he proclaimed, “Don’t think for one (minute) that I haven’t been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!”

Of course during the course of the year we’ve been told over and over again by his coach, and the King himself that he doesn’t care what the fans or media members think.

Then during his press conference he wastes no time taking his shots at all those fans who were clearly elated to see him lose, and to get his shot at the media thrown in too. But he doesn’t care what they think, right?

He told us he thought the league should contract, then of course backpedaled away saying he didn’t even know what contraction meant. Do what?

He told us that anything less than a championship this year would be considered a failure, but in his press conference following game six in which that goal was made completely unattainable James said, “We have nothing to hang our heads low”. And he’s right, save that little part of his season being a complete failure, per his own words at the outset of the campaign.

Lebron said before game five that it was “now or never”. Now he’s saying he just knows “The Man upstairs” hadn’t decided it was his time yet. Well, if game was now or never, then I suppose the rational conclusion to draw, based on James’ own words, is that it’s never.

And for the record, I don’t believe God has pre-determined when Lebron James is going to win an NBA title, I think He might have more important things on the docket. On that note, Jason Terry, your faith in God, while honorable and what not, is not the reason your team hoisted up an NBA championship trophy this season.

The point being, there’s a common thread here. Lebron James contradicts himself as well as any public speaker outside of Washington D.C. ever has. Does he do it because he’s really that dumb, that ignorant and stupid? Or does he do it because he, which at times he claims he doesn’t, others makes it clear he does, cares what the public thinks of him and does his best to try and atone for things he’s said that may rub people the wrong way?

Personally, I’m going with the ignorance excuse. Lebron James has been coddled since he could hold a basketball, and as he got older, he got worse. Accountability was never an issue for him, never something he dealt with. Neither was adversity. The world was, in his eyes, completely his on a silver platter with the rest of the people in it merely his servants and supporting cast in his quest for world domination.

So it shouldn’t come as a shock that he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t at all realize or understand the response his poorly chosen words receive. He’s out of touch with reality, so he obviously fails to see why many of the things he does rubs people the wrong way.

Insulting fans and media members alike in his press conference following the finals defeat and implying the lives of fans are inferior to his own was just James staying true to the course. He probably didn’t mean to come off quite like the arrogant jackass that he did, but because he’s ignorant to how the rest of the world thinks, and lives, he couldn’t understand how such statements can be taken that way.

His mocking of Dirk Nowitzki being sick, and subsequent attempt to argue that’s not what he was doing just further illustrates the point. James was arrogant enough, and just enough of a jerk to mock Dirk in the first place. But on top of that he was ignorant enough to think he could pull a fast one on anyone who saw the video, while still carrying on his little inside joke with his buddy Dwayne Wade and nobody would get it.

No Lebron, the rest of the world isn’t as dumb as you think, nor are they as inferior as you make them out to be.

If James is allowed, and he is, it is perfectly within his right, to make such comments about the fans that make it possible for him to live his obviously superior life, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with people taking umbrage with that and having their own negative things to say about Baron, er… King James.

Sure, we’ll all wake up to our sorry lives tomorrow all the same, whether he had won an NBA championship or not.

The thing is, because he didn’t win that championship, James will be waking up to his same life as a perceived front running choker who still doesn’t have a championship ring.

Then again, maybe he won’t wake up to the same life in the morning. Maybe he will wake up one day this summer as a much more humbled man, a more determined man, and a man who has what it takes to be a champion.



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  1. There’s nothing more to add, really. Great read.

  2. Author

    I do feel bad for Lebron with all the hate he has had to endure this year however as the title says “It’s not wrong to be happy Lebron James lost”. I think this will be a great humbling experience for him. Great post!

  3. Humility is also a quality of great champions (as I’m sure newly crowned MVP Nowitzki could tell you.) Terrific piece, echoes my sentiments.

  4. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anyone who is truly great at anything who really thinks they are great. As an example, I’m going to bring up bowling. I bowl quite often, and I’m decent (I averaged 206 this past season). The best bowlers that I know, the people who average 220+ are some of the most humble people that you can ever meet and the most willing to help other bowlers. The cockiest bowlers are the ones who average around 185-195 who think they’re really good. I used to be one of those bowlers, but got better when I realized just how much I had to learn.

    Those who are truly great at anything are the ones who are the most willing to work, and they are the most humble because they know their success is just a result of their hard work, nothing else.

    • I think that’s exactly the case, it’s what separates Kobe from Lebron, and what separates Jordan from Lebron. James has never really had to work hard at anything, he was always told how great he was, he never really felt the need to prove anything, or earn any of his accolades. They were always just bestowed upon him. Maybe now he will feel that burden and will work to do it.

  5. Josh

    Great article you should write for espn!

  6. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed with this post. It truly deserved it! I couldn’t agree more. I’d much rather watch a team of players who play as a team that works with the strengths and weaknesses of each other to win instead of playing second fiddle to an overblown baby who only claims his talents but never his failings. It was fun to watch Nowitzki win to be sure…but it was just as much if not more so to watch James have to take the loss. All around fun final series!

    • Thanks, and I agree completely. Sometimes people need to be taken down a notch before they can ascend up a few more. It’s human nature to enjoy it when it happens to those who think they are above it, and who, as you say, seem eager to boast of their strengths, but ignore their weaknesses.

    • I really did not like Mr. James attitude I think he has the personality of a fire hydrant.

  7. Great read…Very well stated

  8. Congrats on FP. Love to see sports articles on here! I agree with you in most of your sentiments. I think we all need to come to the realization however, that LeBron is not the player we thought he was. He is an incredible talent, and athlete in general, but he is not a floor general, a leader, a do-anything-it-takes-to-win-this-game kind of player. He just isn’t. He’s not Jordan, or Kobe for that matter. He may be the best athlete in the game, but that’s all he is. I’m not knocking him, because he has more skills than every other player in the game (in my opinion)…it just takes more than skills sometimes.

    • Thanks, and I’m agreeing, to an extent. I’ve seen him though display those types of skills and abilities at different times, like in the conference finals against Detroit in 2007 where he scored those last 28 points for a Cavs victory. I think he can obtain what is necessary to take the next step, but only if he truly wants to. He seems to act though as if there’s nothing he needs to change, and as long as that is the case, you’re right, he’ll continue to lack what it takes to be truly legendary.

  9. I couldn’t have said it any better than you did.

  10. Great athlete nothing more to say.

  11. Great read, I find it hard to feel sorry for a guy at the beginning of the season was claiming that his new team was going to be a dynasty. I don’t know if it is wrong to want someone who proclaims himself to be the greatest to enjoy when he falls on his face.

    • If someone who calls themselves the “King”, and proclaims themselves as the “chosen one”, if they fall flat on their face all the while not showing a bit of grace or humility, there’s nothing wrong at all with being happy they didn’t bring home the trophy. Make him actually earn those monikers.

  12. RFW

    You said it all – except that team Dallas had the better men.

    • Well, that’s debatable. If the Lebron James who played against Chicago had played in this series, Miami wins it, in my opinion. Part of the reason Dallas had the better team was that supposedly the best player on the court suddenly became about the 6th best player out there.

  13. HL BISE

    Thank you so much for writing about this topic. I’m from Cleveland, and even though I don’t live there anymore, I can’t tell you how much The King’s decision affected the city. My family, in particular, was devastated. Cleveland has been through terrible misfortune over the years, and Lebron was a sliver of light for them, during the darkness…It’s wrong of me to be a bit happy that he didn’t receive a ring—in Miami, I know; but I can’t help the small smile on my face, today. At the same time, he’s still an amazing player…Congrats on FP.

  14. I’m happy that Jason Kidd finally got a championship. I’ll be routing for my Heat next year though!!

  15. Absolutely wonderful piece you have here! A read filled with great content and fantastically written. I have not seen many blogs with as much detail as mine regarding sport, but you are up there if not better than a newbie such as myself! Great read.

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  17. I think the MVP was well deserved! 🙂 Good stuff.

  18. Everything you said was right on the money. This truly deserved to be a Freshly Pressed post. I just keep on having to remember for myself that no matter how much LeBron is actually capable of and how many ways he’s fallen short of that, he’s much more than an arrogant and ignorant jerk, he’s a human being and he needs the kind of love that will make him succeed. As much as people take shots at him again and again, obviously it isn’t going to do anything for him. He needs players, coaches, and friends who are going to do better than simply treating him like God on Earth like most people have done for years now, and also people who won’t just stand back and hurl insults and sharp-tipped truths. He needs people who will suffer with him and for him without being afraid to tell him the truth about what he’s doing and not doing. Yeah, LeBron doesn’t get it, I understand that, but it seems to me that the people he’s surrounded with aren’t helping him understand it well at all, so they deserve just as much blame at the moment; besides a lot of us would look just like he does if it weren’t for those people who came and set us straight. Let’s have a little compassion for the man, just a little. =D

  19. What in the world gives you the right to completely analyze Lebron James in this personal way. Talking about lebron’s sense of accountability and adversity and ignorance in his early life? Did you know Lebron? Are you his best friend cause you sure talk about him like you do? See that’s the problem with people. Instead of focusing with what’s wrong with lebron on the court like the fact that he needs a post up game and better midrange jumper yu try to read his mind and overanalyze his comments and determine what he’s feeling like you’ve known him since he old enough to think for himself.

    Lebron doesn’t hide in a corner. Does he avoid the media? The media crucifies this guy every second of every minute of every hour of everyday and he takes it and yesterday even in the face of losing he finally decided to stand up to the haters like you with his postgame comments. He obviously cares what the media says and why shouldn’t he ? If you had these idiots reporters and journalists in your face everyday putting so much focus on every little thing you say and do, trying to get inside your hide and determine how you should feel, asking questions with the obvious intention of trying get you to say something that they can use as criticism against you at a later time, wouldnt you be pissed off? And you act like Lebron remembers his press conferences and everything he says from one press conference to the next? Do you actually think he cares and pays attention not accdidentally contradicting himself from one press conference to the next? There’s more important things for him to be focused on.
    I agree Lebron James faulted in this series. He should have taken more shots. He should have scored more but can we please stop talking about this guy like we know him personally and we know about his early life, what virtues he grew up witth? Which is essentially what you’re doing.

    • I’m allowed to comment on what Lebron has shown himself to be. Sometimes it’s better to not say anything at all than say something stupid. Hiding from the media, when it’s clear you don’t have a grip on reality, nor can you relate to any of your fans, isn’t necessarily the worst idea.

      Lebron James has on more than one occasion shown himself to be an arrogant, egotistical jerk with a major sense of entitlement. If he wishes to act that way in a public manner, he can’t complain, nor can anyone else, about it being talked about.

      Again, if someone doesn’t want to get talked about in that manner, there are two things they can do. One, they can quit acting that way, or two, they get out of the spotlight. He’s the one who’s chosen to be in this spotlight, and he’s the one who’s made the decisions to represent himself the way he does. That’s not my problem. I just comment on what I see.

      And for the record, a person who constantly contradicts themselves doesn’t exactly come off as either honorable, full of integrity, or overly intelligent. Whether Lebron cares or not is irrelevant. The fact that he constantly does it does not speak highly of him. When you’re in the position he is, those are the types of things you have to be cognizant of.

      • How exactly does he no have a grip on reality? His comments to the media yesterday are totally misconstrued. He didnt call any of us poor or say he has the better life or take shots at our boring personal lives or anything like that which people want to think he said just because they hate him so much. He was pissed off at how much time people spend ripping him. and essentially they should focus more on their own lives. And you know what. He’s right. Hating Lebron has almost become like a hobby and hate is such a strong word that I can’t believe people use it in reference to a guy who all he did is come up short in an NBA playoff series, who moved from one team to another to have a better shot att winning, who’s only 26 years old and still has a chance to build his legacy up, and let’s face it he entertains people for a living, Sports is a way to get away from the hustle and bustle and struggles of the real world and people seem to forget that it’s a game and a business. You hate people who do terrible things, who kill others, who harm others. You don’t hate Lebron James. Cleveland fans burning his jersey after he went to Miami. Do you think that’s justified? It’s a sport people. We’re fans but we shouldn’t be fanatics.

      • The fact he doesn’t understands why people are ripping on him is a perfect example of his lack of a grip of reality. If he had any notion of reality, he’d understand more why the things he does and say are taken so negatively, and why the responses are what they are.

        Two, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. His facial expressions along with what he say show it was quite clear he was simply remarking about how he’s rich and famous and all those people ripping him are not. Regardless of what James meant by it, to say what he did, completely out of place. It was a chance for him to show some humility and grace, and perhaps win back some fans. Instead all he did was further turn people against him.

        As for me, I don’t hate Lebron. However, I have absolutely no problem with him losing. I don’t root for him, and yes, was happy he lost. It’s not a personal hatred. That said, it’s easy to see how his actions and words have turned people off and made them pull against him.

        Again, when you call yourself the chosen one, or king, you need to produce. He’s not. When you create the hoopla and hype he did last summer, if you fail to have the results match the promises, you’re going to hear about it. It’s simply the bed he made, he has to lie in it.

        As for burning a jersey, thats perfectly justified. It’s just a jersey, a jersey symbolic of something you no longer are a part of, or want to be a part of. It’s just like burning old letters and pictures from an old significant other. That chapter is closed, you don’t want memories of it hanging around.

        Again, I never said anything about hating James, you are putting those words into my mouth, and that, is rather juvenile. If you wish to discuss what I actually have said in my piece, that’s fine, but don’t go reaching for what’s not there. I never said I hated him, nor did I imply it. I simply stated the many reasons it’s okay to be happy he did not win.

  20. Spot on, from beginning to end.

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  22. I love the idea of stars being humbled in their careers. Everyone, not just stars, should have this humbling moment. Congrats on being FP

  23. yeah…it’s always nice when people that need a little humbling get it. 🙂

  24. anonnickus

    Who did you pick to win before the series started? Writing history is easy. You have succeeded in that. Making history is not so easy. James failed. You are clearly the better man.

    • So we are only allowed to write about things that haven’t happened yet? Interesting. I prefer to deal with the “what has actually happened”, then try to predict what “will happen”.

      Lebron’s failure to make history in and of itself isn’t newsworthy, or worth going into detail about. However, in light of comments made by Lebron,nicknames Lebron calls himself portraying how great he is, and his premature predictions and the circus act last summer became, at that point, he can’t afford to fail. You know, if you walk the walk, talk the talk. Lebron didn’t. Maybe this will help learn to walk that walk in the future.

      • anonnickus

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. If you have more time I wish to ask. Do you think Lebron is capable of the personal growth needed to deserve the title ‘King James’? If he is can you forgive him for hurting us all so far?

      • Absolutely I think it can happen. I think this, if he allows it, could be the moment that starts it. However, based on his comments immediately after the game, it doesn’t appear as though he’s gotten it yet. Granted, that was right after losing the NBA finals, and while facing a barrage of questions, so I will grant him some leeway there. Perhaps with some time away from the game, and some reflection on what’s gone on, he will come back humbled, more focused, and capable of elevating his game to another level.

        I absolutely despised Michael Vick for what he did to my Falcons franchise, and I’m still no fan of his, partially because I also hate the Eagles. However, I’m not pulling against him near as much as I was his first year back into the league. People are capable of change, and if they demonstrate it, so to is the opinion the public has of them.

  25. great blog. thanks for sharing.

  26. Great article, I think James’s title should go from King to princess James( A.K.A cry baby), looool!!!!

  27. Go back to my personal problems…really Lebron? You can have the money and fame – at least I can look at my Mom and know she hasn’t slept with one of my co-workers – how about you?

  28. Every cloud has a silver lining…thanks for showing that for Lebron and his fans…

  29. I really enjoyed reading this.

  30. footballnutz17

    Yea just like everyone else said, there’s nothing more to say…what a greatly-written piece right here…

  31. elmer

    Hey ben, Lebron’s got a lot more seasons left to redeem himself. But then again I’m not praying for that. You see I’d rather he stick to his sole role in the league: to set as a bad example to all NBAers

  32. Lol excellent. He’s never going to have a thing. He ran to where he thought the wins were and now… he has to contemplate whether or not jumpers are allowed in golf. If you see 3 point lines drawn around holes you already know who stopped by. Maybe he should make it the foul line though. At least he won’t miss any dunks.

  33. it looks like your story has gotten a lot of comments. It’s interesting to see just how into sport Americans are. Thanks for your thoughts:)

  34. Joe Labriola

    I’m not much of a basketball fan (in fact I don’t even know all the positions), but I decided to actually follow this series – most of it – and that was a hell of a series. Lebron and Dwade weren’t mature enough to deserve to win. Dirk and his team wanted it more – I think.

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  36. I dont think Lebron would change for the better. He now hates the world more than ever to give them what they want to see. But even if he changes, for me he will never be as great as Michael Jordan and the others before him. Not even comparable to Shaq. That’s because for me, greatness cannot only be equated to how good or master of the craft you are, but also to your attitude and behavior towards others particularly the fans. Arrogance has no place in the world of great people, athletes included.

  37. FP11

    Awesome read. Great article. Simply great. Thank you.

  38. great article! couldn’t said it better. and it’s not just because I don’t like him. I have to say, he is a very proud man. yes he has the skills but self promoting himself as King James? for what? OMG. I am so happy he didn’t win. SOO happy.

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  40. “‘The Greater Man upstairs know when it’s my time,Right now isn’t the time.'” – Lebron James.

    It’s said that God doesn’t grant us certain things. If we want to be smart, God provides a test to work towards intelligence. If we want hope, he shows us a place where we can find hope if we search hard enough. If we want to be brave, he gives us opportunities to use our courage.

    Is it possible that Lebron is maybe slowly coming to accept his failures and short-fallings and until he fixes just that the Big Man up there doesn’t find it the right time for him to succeed? He may be knocking him down a few pegs and providing a space with which to alter his mid set and face his own adversity.

    Props to J. Terry and Dirk though. Well deserved win. The above is just a thought.

  41. Hey errbody, please dont start hatin on lebron.

    • One, “start”? You been under a rock, lol?

      And what has Lebron done that puts him above criticism? This is Lebron’s problem. He has too many people telling him he’s doing no wrong, too many people who unconditionally love and almost worship this guy that he fails to understand any of his faults, or at least portray that he does.

      When someone decides to pursue a profession that puts them in the public eye, they also choose to take on the scrutiny that comes with it. When their actions provide the basis for that scrutiny, then they really have to be prepared to sleep in the bed they’ve made. If they don’t like it, re-make the bed.

  42. He is a great player that’s all i can say.

  43. Decent post, except I disagree in one area. You said

    “I don’t believe God has pre-determined when Lebron James is going to win an NBA title, I think He might have more important things on the docket. On that note, Jason Terry, your faith in God, while honorable and what not, is not the reason your team hoisted up an NBA championship trophy this season.”

    I believe that if God is sovereign, he has predetermined everything, absolutely everything, big and small. Who are we to say what is important or not to God, the creator of all things? It would be idolatry for me to say “Father, I don’t need you for these smaller things. You have more important things to deal with. I can handle this one on my own. I don’t need you this time.” He wants us to come to Him as His children in complete dependence for all things, for as Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, to such belongs the kingdom of Heaven.

    Our Heavenly Father knows every hair on our heads. And He values even in the sparrows, so how much more value does He then place in us? I do believe absolutely that God ordained Dallas to win the championship, and have Terry perform so well. Why? Because it glorified God. What were the first words out of Terry’s mouth when he answered interview questions? “All glory to God!” So yes, God predetermined for Dallas to win and Miami to lose. Otherwise, He is not sovereign.

    • This is a difference in theological opinion, and this clearly is not the time or place for that, so we won’t get into that here. I will leave it at the fact that I do believe in free will, and if there’s pre-destination, then “free-will” actually cannot exist. But again, theological discussion, not appropriate here.

  44. Before Lebron left for Miami I always respected him. He really did lead by example and showed great maturity in spite of his young age at the time. However, we he left for Miami and the manner in which he announced, I was very disappointed. He let down a lot of people and really showed how immature he truly is.

    Jim Olson Dayton

  45. Everyone Look Busy (Dominic)

    Being from Cleveland, we obviously have our own opinions about the matter. Very well written post. Personally, I’m happy that he lost, maybe that will ake a bit of that chip off of his shoulder.

  46. With all honestly I believe that people who go out of their way to hate Lebron James and root agianst him need to get a life. He made mistakes, who hasnt? Michael Jordan wasnt the god we all thought he was, Kobe Bryant wasnt and isnt the god we all thought he was. Lebron isn’t Kobe and he isn’t Jordan and nor does he want to be. Everyone continues to compare him to these guys, but the thing is he doesnt want to be them. He is Lebron James, one of the best players in the league, if not the best player. It makes me laugh to see people rooting for Heat to lose, I have little respect for people who root for a team to lose instead of a team to win. Because in the greater scheme of things if you are not from Cleveland or a die hard Cleveland fan this didn’t affect you at all. People rooted against Lebron because it was something to do. People say he wants things given to him. Did you forget that he turned the Cleveland franchise around, by himself. He took them to the finals with no talent around him. In my eyes he deserves a ring because he put up with being the sole athlete on a team for six years while his franchise didn’t get him a supporting cast except for two aging super stars. If you hated Lebron coming out of hs then its one thing, but Im upset with the people who were excited to see him play in the summer, but are singing a different tune whenthe finals start. Lebron will finish his career with several rings and if you think for one second he won’t you know nothing about the game of basketball.

    • Go out of their way to hate Lebron? You might wanna choose your words a lil more carefully kid. I never used the word “hate” to describe what I thought about James. In fact, if you actually paid attention to what you were reading, you would see I don’t have hatred for him, otherwise I wouldn’t wish him to learn from this and become a better player. Of course, acknowledging that would mean you can’t push your “quit hating” agenda.

      Everyone makes mistakes, never said they don’t. However, when you continuously act like a pretentious, arrogant jerk, that’s no longer “making mistakes”, that’s who you are. If you like that kind of person, cool, I won’t judge you for it. But don’t you dare judge me for not liking people who act that way. I’m sorry I’m not a fan of arrogant jackasses.

      Yes, people compare him to these guys. And ya know what, when you call yourself “KING”, that is the kind of thing that happens. If you want to absolve him of responsibility of the comparisons, it speaks volumes about YOU. A man who calls himself “King”, and has “Chosen1” tattooed across has back has absolutely ZERO room to gripe about “comparisons” or “expectations”. He’s put plenty on himself, and to blame others for that is simply being a blind sheep.

      So you have little respect for people who don’t like certain teams? Interesting. Cool. I’m so deeply apologetic I don’t have your respect. There are many teams I hate. Hating certain teams is often part of being a fan. I guess you have no respect for every Florida Gator fan, or Yankee fan, or Red Sox fan, or Dodger fan, or Laker fan, or Celtic fan. You ever heard of rivalries? Plenty of people root for teams to lose.

      Just curious, while you’re hating and lacking respect for people who pull against the Heat, I’m curious as to what you think of front running bandwagon Heat fans who can’t name four players off of their championship team. Hmmmm?

      Oh, so the Miami Heat do not play in the NBA? I didn’t know this. The only people allowed to have an opinion on the Heat are fans in Miami and Cleveland? Interesting. Damn, all this time I thought it was okay to be a fan of the NBA and to follow and watch, and develop rooting interests in teams throughout the league. Well I’ll be damned, I was wrong. I guess I should watch Hawks games and Hawks games alone. Once out of the playoffs I guess I should have turned off the NBA, as, well, apparently, none of the teams left had “anything to do with me”. Brilliant argument, just brilliant.

      He does want things given to him. He is the reason Mike Brown got fired, the Cavs knew the ONLY chance they had to keep him was to give him a new coach. He went to Miami to find an EASIER path to a title. He’s had things given to him his whole life. Arguing differently reeks of ignorance.

      No, people root against Lebron because his arrogance gave them reason to. If you wish to pretend otherwise, it’s fine, people live in denial all the time.

      He “deserves” a ring? Wow. This is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard. No, you “deserve” a ring when you win four games in one NBA Finals series, period. Nothing else makes you “deserve” a ring.

      And he “put up with” being the sole athlete? Really? Seems thats where he was drafted and thats where he had no choice but to play. Once he was given a choice, he bolted. So don’t give me crap like that. Ahhh, I love the excuse makers, I just wish they realized how dumb and ignorant they sounded.

      Why would I have hated him coming out of high school? I didn’t know much about him. However, over the past year his arrogance, and at times ignorance, and his completely inability to relate to the the normal world has made me dislike him. I didn’t have to “hate him out of HS” to now have developed a lack of fondness towards him.

      Some responses, while I disagree with here, are at least educated. Yours reeks of complete and total ignorance, blindly supporting someone without actually thinking about what you are saying.

      And no, I didn’t start pulling against the Heat in the finals. The minute Lebron had his “decision” I began pulling against the Heat. When they had their little celebration and party during the summer proclaiming six or seven championships I started pulling against them.

      Seriously, think before you speak next time. If you do it, you might not sound so ridiculously stupid.

      And just curious, since anyone who doesn’t think Lebron will have more than three rings (you know, “several” implies four) doesn’t know anything about basketball, I assume you’re God’s gift to the game correct? You obviously know all, and see all, and can predict the future. So, please, can you provide me some lottery numbers while you’re at it Nostradamus?

      • all right enough with lebron already. if its gonna resort to stupid name calling then clearly it should be done with.

      • Ok, first understand that what I say is my own personal opinion. What I write is based on what I’ve seen. Im entitled to my opinion and if you dont agree with it thats fine, but you dont have to act like im some uneducated fenatic.

        You dont have to say the words hate to mean it. You wouldnt of written this blog if you didnt have some sort of disguss with him. Also based on your repsonse it does seem like you have something against him. Next act like he is the first to act like a arrogant jerk. I’d be willing to bet that a majority of athletes, at least top athletes, act that way. So saying he is a arrogant jerk is the reason for your disgust isn’t a valid arguement, to me at least. I know several of my friends who’ve had the opportunity to meet Michael Jordan, and every single one of them say he is a cocky jerk!

        To a exstent I agree, calling yourself King and Chosen One does come with a certain amount of expectations. But he didnt get “Best there Ever Was” or “Better Then Jordan” on his back. It’s all how you precieve it and I thought it was a way of saying he is one of the best in the game, which he is. If you think that King and best there ever was is one and the smae, then I can’t aruge how you seen it, but I believe its two totally different things.

        Also me, not understaning rivalries? I graduated from the University of Michigan. I will be the first to tell you I HATE Ohio State. But I hated Ohio State Yesterday, last year, ten years ago, and I will always have a certain disgust with their school. I respect rivarlies, but people who just recently begin to hate the Heat are not hating because of a rivarly, they hate because its accepted in our society right now. I can understand rooting for the underdog, in fact, to a certain exstent I respect it, but people that I talked to at least were not rooting for the Mavs because they were the underdog, they werent rooting for the Mavs at all really. They just “didnt want to see Lebron win”.

        I hate fair weatherfans. As a true sports fan I cannot stand anyone who jumps on the bandwagon. As a Lions fan I’ve waited the last decade to see my team have a shot at the playoffs. To see them begin to put the pieces together makes me proud, but to see all these “Fans” come out of no where kinda upsets me. I know Heat fans are fairweather fans an I dislike them for it, never said I didn’t.
        Its one thing to be a fan of the NBA and watch for a love of the game and its another to follow a team and then jump on the bandwagon when your team doesnt make or is eliminated from the Post Season. Im a Pistons fan, I didnt jump on any bandwagon. I watched everygame. When you “root” for a team, in my opinion, that isn’t the team you started the season with then you are a fairweather fan, once again, my opinion. Anyone can jump on the bandwagon, its take a true fan to support their team through thick and thin.

        He is the reason Brown was fired, one person was the reason? They kept him to try to get Lebron. So him having a job in the first place was a thanks to Lebron, Him getting fired was because he isn’t that great of a coach.

        I think the people who dont know the game, hate Lebron because he is arrogant. If you knew the game, you would know that there are several people who are arrogant, that are jerks. Saying I hate Lebron, and as a result the Heat, because of Lebron is very questionable to me because one person isn’t the team.

        Him deserving a ring is questionable, but I stand by it. Lets not forget that before this finals he did it ALONE. Taking your team to the finals alone, in my opinion puts you in the area of deserving a ring. Just like the greats John Stockton, Karl Malone, George Gervin, and a few others who were greats and couldnt do it themselves deserve rings,but fell short. The game doesn’t always go to the best team, it goes to the team who plays best in those seven games. Some teams fall apart just enough to fall short of a title. That doesn’t make that un-deserving of a title

        Your arguement against him being the sole athlte I can respect, but I was saying that in the context that he could of bitched and cryed about not having the right pieces, which he had all the right to do, just like Kobe did, but he decided to leave. Which I can also understand, Of the two ways he could of handeled it, this may have been the easier, but Dan Gilbert didnt get him the supporting pieces and he knew no one wanted to come to Cleveland so he had to leave.

        Many of my friends hated Lebron coming out of high school. They thought he was overrated, they thought there some suspicion about him going professional. They also thought the whole mom buyning him a hummer was suspect. Once again my opinion based on what I’ve seen.

        Also I will tell you like I tell everyone else who say they disliked the Heat after their celebration. If that is true, why is the title of this post “Its Not Wrong to Be Happy LEBRON JAMES Didn’t Win” Why not The Big Three, D Wade was there, Chris Bosh was there, im sure they had just as much to do with the celebration as Lebron did.

        Also I do not need you to teach me of the meaning of the words I use. I stand by what I said. If you dont think Lebron could win FOUR titles in his career. After making it to the finals cold turkey with a team that, while talented, didnt know how to play together, yes you do have little knowledge of the game. I am willing to bet, that a 26 year old Lebron James will finish his career with some where in the area of four titles. He has a good team and a good franchise behind him.

        LIke I said before, I had no direspect to you when I posted my comment. You should try having some respect for the people who take the time to respond to your post and not attempting to trash them via a blog. Very immature on your part “kid”

  47. Name calling? You mean names like “King”?

    Or you mean saying something someone said was stupid? Because that’s not name calling. Again, if you want to respond to things actually said here, cool. But if you want to respond to what you conjure up in your head as being said, then do that on your own time.

  48. whatever man. your thread. your rules.

    • And what absolutely appalling rules they are, to suggest that it is better to discuss things that are ACTUALLY said as opposed to putting words into peoples mouths just so w can have a point to argue.

  49. First of all Chris, I find quite a bit of irony in your claims as to how “educated” you are. Right, you’re not a “fenatic”, and I have “discuss” with James, and clearly I wouldn’t “of” written this article without such hatred. If your’e going to try and convince me how intelligent you are, you should probably work a little harder not too show the opposite with your first few words of a reply.

    Two, I made it clear I didn’t pull for James to win. Perhaps you missed the title of my blog? However, simply because I did not pull for him does not in any way whatsoever mean I hate him. To suggest I hate the man simply because I take issue with the way he conducts himself, and that I didn’t pull for him to win an NBA title is absolutely stupid, and very presumptuous. Again, you should try and respond to what is actually said on here, and not go around putting words in peoples mouth. It’s pretty pathetic, actually.

    And who the **** are you to tell me what reasons are and aren’t valid for me to dislike someone? He’s a cocky arrogant jerk, and portrays himself that way CONSTANTLY. Did Michael Jordan ever do the things Lebron did? Did he have a “decision”? Did he, before so much as practicing ONCE claim his team was going to win 7 plus titles? Did he insinuate that everyone else had sorry lives to go live and that he was still rich and famous and better than them because of it? Get the hell out of here with that crap. Lebron acts like an arrogant jerk. I don’t like arrogant jerks, and you have ZERO place telling me that it’s wrong for me to dislike him because of that. Just like I have zero place telling you you have to dislike him. You can like him, cool. But to have an issue because I don’t? Like I said, get the hell outta here with crap like that.

    Do you know what the hell the word “king” means? Seriously? Are you kidding me? King does not mean the best there is? Really? Wow, and you wished to try and convince me you’re not uneducated? Good job pal, outstanding.

    Right, genius, oh mighty one, I only hate the Heat because of “society”. Good Lord, your comments just get more and more absurd, and even less and less intelligent. I hate the Heat because I hate what they stand for, I don’t like whiners, I don’t like those with a sense of entitlement, and I don’t like Lebron James. The opinions of others has NOTHING to do with that. Your insistence that it does is asinine.

    I watch basketball. When I watch basketball, I usually find a team in each game to pull for. In each game I develop a rooting interest for one of the two teams. That makes me fairweather? Wow. Geez, this keeps getting better. Seriously, you were trying to really convince me you’re not unedeucated? Maybe you’re not, but your response is so full of ignorance and absurdities it’s almost comical.

    He got fired because the Cavs knew Lebron didn’t want him, and arguing that is just plain stupid. And ya know, apparently the Lakers think he’s an okay coach. Maybe his “superstar” wasn’t that great of a “superstar”.

    Sure, plenty of people in sports are arrogant, but very few are so to the point Lebron is. And those that are, I dislike them too.

    And yes, Lebron, being the face of the team, the chosen one, the one who had the decision, is enough of a reason to pull against the Heat entirely. I didn’t like Barry Bonds, thus, I didn’t like the Giants. Again, it’s absolutely asinine of you to tell me that disliking James is not enough reason to dislike the Heat.

    No, it’s not debatable. Only ONE thing you can do makes you “deserve” a ring. You win four games in the Finals, and that’s it. Period. Nothing else. If you haven’t done that, you don’t “deserve” a ring. You “deserve” a ring when you’ve earned one.

    I have no problems with Lebron leaving. But I also don’t want to hear how, if he ever gets a ring, he “led” a team to it. He had that chance, couldn’t do it, so he joined up with other people to get one. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless people wish to say he’s out there “leading” teams to titles. He needed help, a LOT of help to win a title. And that’s fine. It’s pretending he doesn’t that becomes the problem.

    Really? Had just as much to do with it? I don’t recall an ESPN special where Wade announced he was staying, or where Bosh announced he was going to Miami. I also don’t recall either Bosh or Wade sitting there saying they’d be winning 7 titles. I also don’t recall Wade, or Bosh, or any other member of the Heat calling themselves “King”. But don’t let such facts get in the way of the agenda you’re trying to pus here. I would hate to let that happen.

    Look, idiot, because I don’t think James will win FOUR titles I don’t know anything about basketball? Seriously? Grow the hell up kid. Plenty of people who know a lot about the game would probably NOT bet on James winning four championships. I don’t think he’ll win four. And because of that I know nothing about the game? Yeah, sure thing. I don’t agree with you, so clearly I know nothing. Right.

    And no, I don’t respect people who wish to tell me what I’m allowed to think, or what I should think, or who put words in my mouth, as you did. I have no respect for people like that. Disagree with me, fine. People have done so, done so in an educated manner, and presented a good case. You have not. Period.

  50. dude no one insulted you and you’re the one cursing. get over it. relax. its just a blog. this is hilarious reading you two go back and forth over essentially nothing.

    • Not true. To state that no insult was cast in my direction would simply be not true. I was told that since I don’t think James will win four or more titles, I “know nothing about basketball”. I mean, to me, that’s to be taken as an insult, lol.

  51. I’m just glad I’m not wrong – because I am happy about his losing, and now I don’t have to feel guilty about it! Thank you!

  52. Guess who

    For the first time in months, I go by the new vent. I see you STILL can’t keep my name out of your mouth. Little girl, you’re just as sad a case as your butt buddies on that board. I’m not even there, and you’re STILL talking about me. You’re pathetic. I don’t care if this comment gets deleted. I won’t be back to this craphole anyway. I have a life, too bad you don’t.

    • Nice job tough guy. Who’s the one with the obsessive problem?

      I find it hilarious that you mention how much of a life you have, compared to me, when it is you who come to my blog just to make some asinine, immature comment behind a hidden name where you refuse to acknowledge who you actually are? Oh, the irony.

      Perhaps someone else here can explain what the word “irony” means to you.

    • TheReverendDoctor

      Look at little cheerboy stalking Ben on his own blog! You’re messed up, dude. I can’t believe you stalked him here, leaving your little homophobic slurs while you were at it. Please go back to your GI Joes. No one here wants to play with you.

  53. Adnan

    I want to advertise here 🙂

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