The Braves Are Like A Woman

The Braves are the girl who you know is bad news. They’re the relationship you need to get out of, but for whatever reason, just can’t. You won’t. You are intent on seeing it through till the end, the always, always, bitter end.

They consume your every thought, and have way too much control over your emotions. They drive you to drink.

The good moments, oh, they’re good, they’re so good.

But the bad? They’re terrible.

With a woman, the good nights are full of alcohol and celebration and end with smiles on your faces.

With a woman, the bad nights, well, they’re also full of alcohol and lamenting, only the don’t end with a smile on your face.

Sound familiar? Yeah, thought so.

You know better than to care. You know better than to let yourself be so wrapped up in them. Yet you do it anyway. You do it every year, and will for every year to come.

What you know doesn’t matter. What you feel does. The heart is deceitful. Your head knows the love affair you have isn’t good, it isn’t right, it’s not best for you. Your heart insists that you can make it work, that this time it will be THE time. The heart’s not right.

Every single season you think this could be THE season. It’s OUR year. Just like every new woman could be THE one.

We know how this works out.

Just when you think that you’ve had enough, and are ready to throw in the towel, Dan Uggla hits a home run in the first inning to reignite hope.

At the moment you’re ready to walk away, they always know just what to say to make you stop, to make you stay, to remind you why you cared to start with. They won’t let you leave.

And for what? So they can end it on THEIR terms of course. No, you don’t get to give up on the Braves. The Braves get to give up on you.

Oh, sure, with the Braves there’s “wait till next year”. With a woman it’s, “there are other fish in the sea”.

The problem is though, it’s difficult to get excited about the other fish in the sea, or next year. Not when you’re sure from the outset, having learned from history, that it’s going to end in heartbreak.

Do you want to invest six months time into a woman when you know at the end of the sixth month she’s going to break your heart? No, probably not.

Just the same, it’s hard to get excited and stoked about investing another six months into the Braves right now, knowing it will eventually be for naught.

But ya know what? Just like with a woman, we will.




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