Burning Bridges

There are things I desperately try to avoid,

to the point I go beyond out of my way.

And yet somehow at the end of the day,

I do the very thing I said I wouldnt,

I do the very thing I know I shouldnt.

And what I wished to protect Ive destroyed.


Theres no denying Im my own worst enemy,

No one hurts myself like I do,

and its for unknown reasons I feel a need to.

I know exactly what it is that hurts me,

and I reach for the things that I know burn me,

Not giving a damn that you believe in me.


So take my hand and hold it here,

hear my apology and know its sincere.

I said things I didnt really mean,

the consequences that were unforseen,

Dont let me burn this to the ground,

I promise I’m really not ready to lay us down.


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