Saddest Scenes in Recent Television

So creating this list, and visiting all the links, I think I don’t need to watch them anymore, but nevertheless, I felt an urge to take on a project of remembering some of the saddest scenes in television history, sitcoms, dramas, the like. While some scenes were not available in their entirety due to copyright laws, and others may take some explaining, I think they all pretty much hit their point whether you’ve watched the show or not. Enjoy, or actually, maybe don’t?

These are in no particular order, but which would you say are the top three?

Dr. O’Malley Dies, Grey’s Anatomy

Opie’s Wake, Sons of Anarchy

Will’s Dad Leaves, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

How I Met Your Mother Countdown to Big, Great, News ,  The “Big News”

News of Dr. Green’s Death, E.R. , Dr.Green’s Funeral , Rachel Green’s First Day

Series Finale, Dawson Creek  *noted, I refuse to play “Dawson” ever again, ha ha

Series Finale, Six Feet Under

Winter, Dr. Cox’s Denial over friends death ends, Scrubs

Pilot Episode, The Wonder Years  *I chose this as a personal favorite, since, well, I know how this ends

“Then How Come it Is”, Ross & Rachel break up, Friends

Amber Dies, House *unfortunately I could not find the actual ending of this episode, so a montage with music leading to the final moments of the scene will have to*

House Series Finale *same as the other House episode, the entire final ending isn’t available, so a montage summing it all up is all I could find*

Charlie Dies, LOST

Marissa Dies, O.C.

Saying Goodbye to Laverne, Scrubs

C.J.’s Protector Agent Donovon Killed, West Wing

The Finale, LOST



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