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Pre-Bowl Rankings, 1-124

So, it’s late, because bowl games have already begun, but I wanted to get out my ranking of all 124 teams in the FBS level of division 1 football. In doing so, I didn’t go strictly by records, or head to head. It was much more of on a feel basis, as if they all were to line up tomorrow on a neutral field and play each other. The key word being tomorrow. Injuries, and recent performance factor in quite heavily. September results weigh in much, much less than what a team did to close the year. As a result, there will be plenty of arguments based on the Team A beat Team B premise. Oh well. I also refuse to play the daisy chain game. So, in any event, here they are, all 124 teams, in the order of who I think is the best, to the worst, right now.


1 Alabama
2 Notre Dame
3 Stanford
4 Oregon
5 Georgia
6 Texas A&M
7 Kansas State
8 Oklahoma
10 Florida
11 Ohio State
12 Oregon State
14 Vanderbilt
15 South Carolina
16 Florida State
17 USC
18 Texas
19 Clemson
20 Northern Illinois
21 Wisconsin
22 Utah State
23 Kent State
24 Nebraska
25 San Jose State
26 Oklahoma State
27 Louisiana Tech
28 Penn State
29 Ball State
30 San Diego State
31 Toledo
32 Boise State
33 Michigan
34 Arkansas State
35 Fresno State
36 Louisville
37 Baylor
38 Northwestern
39 Louisiana Lafayette
40 Rutgers
41 Texas Tech
42 TCU
43 Cincinnati
44 Michigan State
45 West Virginia
46 Bowling Green
47 Arizona State
48 Syracuse
49 Arizona
50 Ole Miss
51 Mississippi State
52 Louisiana Monroe
53 Nevada
54 North Carolina
55 Miami
56 Washington
57 Pittsburgh
58 Iowa State
59 Arkansas
60 Tulsa
61 Ohio
62 BYU
63 Missouri
64 Tennessee
65 N.C. State
66 Middle Tennessee State
67 Central Florida
68 Virginia Tech
69 Western Kentucky
70 Troy
71 Navy
72 Rice
73 East Carolina
74 SMU
75 Georgia Tech
76 Minnesota
77 Duke
78 Purdue
79 Marshall
80 Connecticut
81 Utah
82 Houston
83 Indiana
84 Iowa
85 Temple
86 Wake Forest
87 Air Force
88 Buffalo
89 Virginia
90 South Florida
91 California
92 Memphis
93 Western Michigan
94 Auburn
95 Central Michigan
96 Miami Ohio
97 UAB
98 Illinois
99 Kentucky
100 Boston College
101 Maryland
102 Wyoming
103 Kansas
104 Colorado State
105 Colorado
106 Washington State
107 UTEP
108 Tulane
109 Eastern Michigan
110 Army
111 Texas State
112 Hawaii
113 Florida International
114 UNLV
115 North Texas
116 New Mexico
117 Florida Atlantic
118 Southern Miss
119 UT San Antonio
120 South Alabama
121 Idaho
122 Massachusetts
123 Akron
124 New Mexico State



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Georgia Tech to the Big Ten Makes No Sense, At All

Georgia Tech to the Big Ten makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever, and for so many reasons.

1) We have established ACC rivalries. There are no rivalries that could be established with Big Ten teams. None. Northwestern, on the basis of academics, might be the only thing that strikes me as a possibility. But the rest of the conference is already full of established rivals, that Tech isn’t going to break through. I mean, I could maybe see potentially Penn State being one, MAYBE.

1b) The addition of Notre Dame, and it’s a matter of time before they play football full time, presents an opportunity to establish a bit of a rivalry there. The academic rigors make these a good match, and their football history is actually a bit deeper than one probably assumes off the bat. Take advantage of this.

2) We have a seriously costly buyout we’d be forced to pay the ACC. We already are paying an expensive buyout for Paul Hewitt, and it’s very, very possible we are about to be paying one to Paul Johnson as well. So we’re going to scrape up the money to pay the ACC as well?

3) We have a chance in the ACC in football. Hell, we’re playing in our third ACC title game in seven years. Do you know how many SEC championship games Georgia has played in in that time span? Or Florida? Or Alabama? Bama and Florida have each played in three. Georgia, one less. I say this to illustrate, the fact that, in the SEC, those are the “elite” programs and that’s how often they play in conference title games. So in the ACC, as sad as that is for the rest of the league, Tech is one of the big dogs. Only Virginia Tech has played in more, and this will also be the third trip for Florida State.

4) Seriously, let’s ask the fans to shell out even more money to take even longer road trips in this economy. Replace an hour and a half drive to Clemson by making us play in Ann Arbor, or up in Happy Valley. Or maybe, maybe we can travel to Bloomington, Indiana, or even Chicago every other year. Lincoln, Nebraska sounds like a really awesome trip, just like Minneapolis. And, in case you haven’t noticed, which all Tech haters have :), we don’t sell our tickets very well to our own fans, at home. We NEED visiting fans to fill the stadium, to help us reach our budget. You think Gophers fans are coming down from Minnesota to a game at Tech? Right. Sure, the big fan bases like Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Nebraska are appealing in this sense, but you will only get two of them on an every other year basis. It will be like once every 10 years or something for the others, all the while trying to basically sell Duke and Wake Forest on your home schedule, but only having them have to drive from 10 plus hours away.

5) We don’t even have a friggin Athletic Director. So just who the hell anyway would be making this decision? I would think, to switch conferences you are athletically affiliated with, one would first need an A.D. to make such a move…..

So, I hear the rumors, and I think it’s bullshit.


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