The NBA Elite Are Afraid (At least their fans are)

NBA basketball fans are as bad as some college football fans when it comes to using who they pull for as a means of defining who they are as a person, and a means of using it to make themselves feel superior to others and better than them.

Fans of the NBA “elite” franchises, i.e. Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, Bulls, any team Lebron is on or has been on, cannot stand to acknowledge that some teams outside that fraternity (which includes OKC, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, to an extent, you just don’t hear the annoying chirping and get the sense of superiority and arrogance that exudes like a horrific odor from so many members of the previously mentioned fan bases) might actually be good basketball teams, and might actually contend to win something.

Whenever you mention a team like the Trailblazers, or Raptors, or Warriors, or Hawks, they’re immediately dismissed. And why? Oh, it’s got nothing to do with what actually takes place on the basketball court. Based purely on the merits of what these teams have done thus far this season, they have every reason to be considered contenders, if not favorites. No, people who are afraid of the unknown, afraid of these inferior franchises, cities, fans, and people who are beneath them, suddenly ascending to their level and challenging them, start reaching for anything to dismiss their existence and dismiss their threat. Their own self esteem, their own since of value is too wrapped up in feeling superior over someone because of who their basketball team is. So what do they do? They turn to one simple, lazy, pathetic argument, broken down into two parts.


They talk bad about you because they fear you.

They convince themselves to dismiss you because they fear you.


“What have you done recently in the playoffs?” This is usually followed up, or preceded by, it depends, “The playoffs are a different game”.


I’m sorry, I fail to recognize what 2012 has to do with 2015? In fact, I fail to recognize what 2014 has to do with to 2015. Why aren’t the Spurs and Heat the odds on favorites to win the title this year? Oh, right, it’s a different season. Things change. What has happened in the past has no bearing on this season. People who turn to that are simply lazy, and ignorant. It’s easier to throw out a tired, old cliche than go out and actually inform themselves. In the past 25 years we’ve seen over a half dozen teams go from accomplishing nothing in the playoffs, being early round exits on an annual basis, to playing in conference finals, winning conference finals, or winning an NBA championship.

The 2000 Lakers had advanced beyond the second round in the Western Conference once in the past eight years. That didn’t seem to stop them from winning an NBA title. The 1999 Spurs had won four division titles the previous 14 seasons, yet had SIX times as many first round exits as trips beyond the second round. They managed to get it together and win a championship.

While there are many more examples of this, the best is a team whose fan base is incredibly cocky and arrogant but has done something similar in recent memory. As the 2011 playoffs began the Chicago Bulls were looking at a stretch of 12 years where they advanced beyond the first round all of, hold on, wait for this one….. ONE time. One time in twelve years. The Atlanta Hawks have done more than that in the past six years. But all you hear is, “The Hawks can’t do anything, when’s the last time they got out of the second round?” And what’s hilarious, is you often hear this from Bulls fans. I guess the Chicago Bulls are the only team who can actually ascend and take the next step, sorry Warriors fans. Sorry Raptors fans. Sorry Wizard fans. Sorry Blazers fans. Sorry Hawks fans. You have no chance, don’t you know? You didn’t make the conference finals last year, so you definitely can’t do it this year.

But if that one doesn’t work, we get the, “well the playoffs are a different game”. Really? Do they raise the rims? Move the three point line? Play 11 minute quarters? Weird.

Maybe in the playoffs the ability to defend and execute in the halfcourt suddenly becomes less important. Yeah, that must be it. Maybe in the playoffs a coaching advantage to take advantage of matchups is no longer helpful, it becomes useless. Yep, that’s gotta be what makes the playoffs different. That’s why teams like Atlanta, and Golden State, and Portland, who play so cohesively as a team, and/or are well coached and play good defense don’t stand a chance to win in the playoffs.

The exact same reasons the San Antonio Spurs stood no chance to win in the playoffs.

That’s okay, just remember, fear is the path to the dark side.


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