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Gumby’s Gibberish

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and a lot has happened, so I figured I’d touch a little bit on a lot, and give my thoughts on several different topics.

The Atlanta Hawks need to blow this whole thing up. The pieces with which you keep and build around are simple to find. You keep Al Horford (your best and most consistent player), Joe Johnson (because there’s no way you can get rid of him) and Jeff Teague (the player with the most potential). Everyone else can be considered expendable, including Josh Smith. Smith, being the player who could bring the most in return, absolutely has to be put on the block.

The Atlanta Braves will be fine. The pitching is too good for this team not to contend. Well, unless Freddi Gonzalez continues to use his horses in the bullpen at a rate that is completely unsustainable for an entire season. We may play meaningful games in September, but our bullpen may be too tired for it to matter.

Not to take anything away from the Heat and the Mavericks, but seriously, have you seen two teams consistently choke in one series more than the Bulls and Thunder. It’s like they were simply giving games away. Then again, it’s not like the NBA wants this Miami team to fail, and it’s not like they want Oklahoma City as the market in the finals. Wait, we could never suggest something as ludicrous as the NBA possibly having a say in the outcome of games, could we?

I really wish people would quit clamoring for a rule change after the injury to Buster Posey. People get hurt in sports, it’s what happens. It’s their willingness to put their body on the lines to take those risks in an effort to win a game we watch for entertainment. It’s what makes it entertaining and exciting. Right or wrong, the risk of injury is a major drawing point in many sports, the risk of something bad happening, yet being able to avoid it. People get hurt having sex for pete’s sake, should we change the “rules” there. People get hurt playing Rock Band too, guess we should look into those “rules” as well. People get hurt in life, it’s what happens, and they especially do so in sports. Just because a big name player gets injured, so what, it happens, it’s a part of the game, a part of the game every player is well aware of when they choose to play and when they choose to put their body on the line on a given play.


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